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Events Tell us what's going on! Found the map I created in Google Maps application and activated it as a layer. You have to wait 1 minutes before taking out another bike. Take one when you need one, and leave it at any station when you arrive at your destination.

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Then, at the pay station, choose the bike icon, tap your OPUS card on the reader and follow the onscreen instructions. For each new trip, you must return to the pay station, choose the Rent a bike option and insert your credit card mmontreal identify yourself the system will recognize you and the system access fee will not be charged again.

You must create an online account before you can purchase one-way trips with your OPUS card. You can use the BIXI mongreal to rent a bike. Push the front wheel of the bike firmly into the slot of the bike dock until you hear a mechanical "click". Refer to the map located at one end of the station to find another station nearby or bkxi to the pay station to retrieve a list of the four closest stations.

We will keep you posted.

BIXI stations added as a layer on Google map : montreal

Tourism For visitors to MTL. You have to be at least montrsal years of age and 1. Enter the five-digit code you obtained at the pay station choose the Rent a bike option and follow the instructions or insert your BIXI key into the reader at the bike dock.

Things to Do Bored and don't know what to do? BIXI was created for short trips. The stations are removed for the winter.

Your credit ma is used to identify you as a user; a maximum of four 4 accesses per credit card is permitted at one time. You can activate it as an additional layer in your Google Maps app.

Network info

You can take out a bike as many times as you want. In the case of an incident or accident involving your BIXI bike, you must notify us of the facts by calling customer service at BIXI or at as quickly as possible.

If your destination station is full, you can request another 15 minutes, free of charge, to give enough time to return the bike at the next closest available station. To create your account, go to Become a member to access the subscription form.

Hixi note that you have up to 60 days to activate you BIXI key after you subscribe. Transit is an montreall alternative and it works in most cities and it's Montreal based.

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The bike remains under your responsibility until it is locked properly at a dock nixi, if this proves impossible, until the bike is handed over directly to a BIXI representative. The law does not require people to wear a helmet when riding a bike. First, you have to subscribe or buy short-term access to use the service. Mp security deposit is required for one-way trips purchased with an OPUS card. Print or view your unlocking code on the screen.

Contact our customer service immediately at BIXI or at Trips of 45 minutes or less have no additional fees if you are a member; usage fees apply for longer trips. The bike remains your responsibility until it is properly locked in at a bike dock, or if that is not possible, handed over to a BIXI representative.

If you have an android phone, this is pretty nice: The system is in service from April 15 to November A yellow light will turn on indicating that the code mobtreal the BIXI key is being validated. You then have 15 seconds to remove the bike by grasping the handlebars and pulling the bike firmly towards you, after which time the bike dock will lock again.

Imported the file using Google My maps service. A question without a serious proof of research will be removed. If you want to make your own map like this, here is how I did it:

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