Bittersweet sarah ockler

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When she gets a letter about a possible skating scholarship, she thinks about taking up the sport again, especially when she meets hot hockey captain Josh and he wants her to help the hockey team with their techniques. Even the jerk of the novel is shown to have more than one side - and not all of them bad. Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first, nice, easy, and best of all: View all 22 comments.

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I mean, no one's perfect obviously, but the things she did were so not necessary and dumb. Will is a nice guy and yes, he's into Hudson, but the whole time they were together, I was just waiting for them to break up.

It takes forty muscles to frown, and only twelve saarah jam a cupcake in your mouth and get over it. He obviously likes Hudson from the start but can't seem to make the first move.

Search Our Books Keywords: He was a sweetheart and I got to love him so much. Reading this book, I wished I could have jumped on a plane and gone to the States just to grab some like those described in here. It's set in upper New York and Hudson is an outdoors kind sarag person. Each and every cupcake recipe in it. Enter the hockey team and co-captains Will and Josh, AKA one of the very few love triangles I will actually spring for.


John Green Box Set. Caite bittersweeh lovely shore breeze says: The book's ending reminded me a bit of a Disney movie, but I like Disney movies so I think the ending was just perfect. This entry was ssarah in Book Review and tagged Book Review. It's aggravating, especially since the book is all from Hudson's perspective. As for the characters in Bittersweet, I loved Hudson, but she did drive me crazy at some points.

I have a new book to recommend to some of my older girls who loved 20 Boy Summer! Teen Read Week Even the strong-willed individuals and the ones who claim they cannot easily be tempted will dream of extra-large lemon cupcakes with light pink vanilla cream cheese icing, topped with a maraschino cherry or vanilla cupcakes with crushed chocolate cookie crumbs, topped with Baileys cream cheese frosting and a light dusting of cocoa powder and other imaginative and decadent cupcakes the heroine seems to have a special talent for making up.

I know that was supposed to be one of the main plot points but I just found it annoying.

Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler |

Honestly, this book was just b Want to see more bookish things from me? I don't know what's with the love triangles. Dani, Hudson's best friend was also one of my favorite characters.

The author did an excellent job with all the friendships, and I liked that they felt genuine. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. There is a Friday Night Lights reference in this book!!!!! Josh's ending was good, cute like I said but soo quickkkkk. I don't think I've ever shared in this blog ever so let saeah share this now: I also don't understand how the diner is apparently close to being shut down but its always jammed packed to the point where Hudson's mom needs her to stay and help multiple times?

Bittersweet | Sarah Ockler

Rhapsody in Books Weblog. Holy cupcakes, this book was sweet! This does sound good and the characters sound true to live.

I don't care if a book is pages long, as long as it pulls me in and makes me feel something. She would not make up her mind!

I felt that his character was underdeveloped. Bittersweet is a light, humorous read that, in my opinion, manages to entertain without coming out as shallow.

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