Pleiadian agenda

By | 06.08.2018

If she does not choose it, she will cleanse it from her surface. As evidence of that she overuses italics, exclamation points, capitalization, and tends to do so half-way or three-quarters through a paragraph. I will warn you right now, these channeled versions of the stories about archetypal beings will make you angry.

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Those authors point to the functional power myth and symbolism, making them indispensable tools for development of the psyche.

The next question has to be to ask whether Anu laid his Bomb to do just that - raise the vibration of humanity. Because in your deepest place of knowing, you will hear a truth that belongs to you in these pages. I imagine someone could argue that the beings "channeled" in this material were simply trying to use language and metaphors we would understand. Pleadians are beautiful beings considered our sister species. Between the complete lack of cohesiveness in the book as well as the other issues mentioned, I cannot recommend this book to anyone.

We are informed about the importance of creating a sacred altar, and how to do it.

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This book exhausted me. Now the Earth vortexes are clogged and very inaccessible to higher dimensions, and that is why they need clearing.

The timing of the defusing of radiation is in symbiotic relationship with the clearance of your emotional bodies.

Fired up for books! Publisher's Summary The end of the Mayan calendar triggers the dawning of the Age of Light, signaling the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, when mankind will make a great a great evolutionary leap forward. These beings have always been your gods and goddesses, mythological archetypes, and, lately your heroes and movie stars.

Satya also advises us to integrate the astrology or stellar orbits and cycles by meditating during solstices, equinoxes, and new and full moons. You will find ways for archetypal desires to express themselves appropriately, such as theater or channeling. From throughmy vehicle Barbara worked on this alliance in Egypt Barbara Hand Clow is an internationally acclaimed ceremonial teacher, author, and Mayan Calendar researcher. No one has ever been able to resist the Goddess, especially visitors from the skies, and the Sirians learned this well when Christ fell in love with Mary Magdalene.

Once you become multidimensional, the Anunnaki will not be able to impulse your silica-based cells and jerk you around. The Pleiadians are more involved with your evolution now because they've lived with you during your last two journeys through the Galactic Night. Apr 18, Dave rated it liked it. If you can completely infuse, embody, and merge with your opposite sexual polarity in that lifetime, you can dump out one half-life of emotional-body karmic residue.

This shift is the coming Age of Light, and the entry of our solar system into the Photon Band and the Age of Aquarius. Like parents of teenagers who see that their children will become self- destructive if they don't just leave them alone, they see it is time to release their parental role.

This occurs when I impulse a couple having orgasm to agree to create a child on a star somewhere in the Galaxy. Because we are carbon-based, we feel Earth too much, and they can't take us over.

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The Sirians want you to develop your minds so you can see sacred geometric light forms that hold your reality in form through time. Now the Web has become the Net that blocks travel by stellar intelligences in the pathways.

I see Amazon reviewers saying they do not know what in the world the negative reviews are about The most common attitude that you see from the lazy intellectual is forcefully presenting their hypothesis with undertones of the classic "it's so obvious!

Would you choose that? Wake up and gaze around again at your world.

Your media has specific surface 3D sounds or images that you pleidian can hear or see, but it is also loaded with masked sounds and images. In this audiobook, Kyle explains how you, too, can deepen your connection with the divine.

By the way, there exists in your field a book called You Are Becoming a Galactic Humanwhich promulgates the idea that Sirians will show up and rescue earthlings with their spaceships.

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