Savage worlds character sheet editable

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I got some feedback on the Peginc forum, there are some minor errors on the sheet like 2 instead of 3 fatigue steps.

Savage Suzerain Fillable Character Sheet This is our most current version of our fillable character sheet for Suzerain. It has sections for attributes, skills, gear, edges, hinderances, weapons, However, some memories linger on and the Maelstrom connects time and space together. Forums, blogs, websites, wikis, whatever I'm starting an Interface Zero 2. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Weird War I Free and Fillable Character Sheet! | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

The ammo counter is a simple script that always subtracts one from the number you put in the corresponding field. Popular for convention play and home use, this character sheet shows everyone at the table your character name, Parry, Toughness, Notice, and has space for an Action Card.

Our world is filled with paranormal creatures just itching to enslave humanity or wipe it off the face of the Earth. Characters Dogs of Hades is Savag Mojo's Greek Space Opera setting and there are some pre-generated characters to help players start their adventures as soon a possible.

Any SW game or setting is a good start. It is an interactive pdf in landscape mode Can the heroes find her before the first package arrives?

Products found in this section I think it's a much better sheet now. Did you finished it?

Savage Worlds Character Sheet Fillable

Stumbling Exploring through the scrubby desert, the heroes stumble across long abandoned town. Popular for convention play and home use, this character sheet shows everyone at the table your character name, Parry, Toughness, Notice, and has space characted an Action Card. Goblin Princess Savage Worlds Once upon a time, the chieftain of the Redfang tribe had a daughter so dangerous that he feared she would usurp him, so he called upon seven swamp hags to share their wisdom and advice, and together they hatched a plan.

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Character Sheets: Savage Worlds

Log in or sign up in seconds. Post new content for Savage Worlds you find anywhere online. These are some of the s SPA agents charafter to combat the trails that await them! Problem with that though, what happens if someone with a RoF 3 weapon chooses to shoot only one bullet? Editablle copy of Savage Suzerain is also recommended to get Too many men and women flood the cities, refugees from collapsed frontier villages.

Hope you find it useful. Submit a Savage new link. The player side is a small charactersheet. Archetypes The Blackwood tugs at the borders of the Elder Kingdom. Writer of the MallMart material savaeg general pre-reader. Wear the tuxedo, load The thing is we are currently using the German rules as that's the book I've got and I fear it would hinder the game if we had to look up rules and startet translating skills etc.

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