Camp atterbury map

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Camp Atterbury is located 31 miles south of Indianapolis, which is the capital of Indiana. Major programs supported Active and Reserve Component Training. It knows that the fewer worries you have on your mind, the better military man you will be. Military personnel arriving at the reception station usually stayed twelve to twenty-four hours before they were sent home or reassigned to other duties after a brief furlough. More than one class "E" allotment can be made out.

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The price of admission is twenty-five including tax. The "Dixie" Division served as a replacement training div sion during World War 1. Atterbury — Muscatatuck levels the playing xtterbury for all those who respond in times of crisis, and provides readiness at atteerbury value.

Experience has proved that a clearly written will and carefully prepared instructions to survivors are two extremely important services a person can perform for his loved ones. In addition to religious services, the chaplain is responsible for Character Guidance Training at Camp Atterbury.

Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center Map - Indiana - Mapcarta

Composed of African American servicemen, the two units remained at the camp until April 26,when they joined the remaining 92nd Division forces at Fort HuachucaArizona. Brigadier General Bixby, who assumed command of Camp Atterbury on June 13,later reported that the following week the camp's centers were processing up to 2, soldiers per day.

If he can atterbur any new situation and decide promptly on the best means of coping with attrrbury, the confidence and respect of vamp followers will be increased.

Retrieved March 7, Wakeman Hospital Center, the camp's 6,bed hospital and convalescent center, became the largest in the Fifth Service Command. In addition to the land, the site encompassed numerous farmsteads, the town of Kansas population thirteenfifteen cemeteries, and five schools. While on pass, leave all your troubles and gripes in camp.

The east and west sidewalls each had an opening in the shape of a cross. The girl friend's letters sound awfully cool, and you're despondent about capm, or you're mad enough to bite nails. More detailed information regarding this insurance will be given you during your processing.

Since the camp had continued to serve as a military and civilian training facility. It will not represent you in a case in the civil courts and will not act as a collective agency. Wakeman General, the largest hospital in the Fifth Service Command, atterbhry "one of the best equipped among the forty-three specialized general hospitals in the United States" in the s.

Although we ore bound both by the duties of other citizens and by others of a strictly military nature, careful attention has been taken to see that all of our basic freedoms as citizens have been protected. The exterior had bright blue stucco walls and plain white columns. Regular Army members can be identified caamp their service serial numbers, which are prefixed by the letters "RA". The name of the free publication was subsequently changed to The Camp Crierwith its first issue published on March 5, This money will be sent to campp dependents monthly.

Map of Camp Atterbury

Don't expect to be given preference because you wear the uniform. Minutes after the hour are added onto the number.

There is a Branch Exchange in your regimental area. That is why there are so many specialists in the Service whose duty it is to help you with your personal affairs. Vending machines, games, dancing, bingo, stage-shows, tours of various surrounding points of interest, swimming parties, picnics and various social activities. The post hobby shop is located in Building No, on Gatling Street.

On June 3,a tornado hit Camp Atterbury, damaging an estimated forty buildings. After talking to you, the Company Commander may arrange an appointment for you with the Consultation Service who are specialists in things that worry soldiers.

Don't think you can do things that you were not permitted to do as a civilian. As the nation has advanced in the wide use of modern methods and equipment, so has the Army.

An estimated vehicles and daily bus service provided transportation from nearby towns and an on-site concession tent served meals to workers at a time. When in towns, be courteous and cooperative at all times.

There are certain standards of personal honor by which everyone, no matter what his calling, is judged, and there are also special standards and codes of honor for special professions.

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