Apicoectomy procedure

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Afterward, a few sutures stitches are placed to assure that the gum tissues are closed and will heal properly. You may have some numbness in the area for days or weeks after the surgery. In a root resection, an entire root is removed, rather than just the tip.

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A filling is then placed to seal the end of the root.

With advances in technology, dentists often can detect additional canals that were not adequately treated and can clear up the infection by doing a second root canal procedure, thus avoiding the need for an apicoectomy.

An apicoectomy is usually a permanent solution.

Apicoectomy Recovery Tips As with any dental surgeryproper post-operative dental care is essential to prevent infections or complications. What Happens During an Apicoectomy Teeth are held in place by tooth roots. If so, tell your dentist about it. A root procddure system branches from this chamber.

The endodontist will review the risks apicowctomy the procedure at the consultation appointment. Where necessary, bone grafting or other techniques are used to help the bone to grow and fill back in, particularly if infection has left a significant void. Learn more about what the procedure entails.

"Apicoectomy" Procedure | Dentist in New York, NY

Root canals are very complex, with many small branches proccedure the main canal. If the tooth is in the back of your upper jaw, the infection can involve your sinuses, and your dentist may suggest antibiotics and decongestants. For example, retreatment is often not a good option when a tooth has a crown or is part of a bridge. Select Country Visit us around the world.

“Apicoectomy” Procedure

It's time to give your inbox something. With advances in technology, dentists often can detect other canals that were not adequately treated. Before the procedure begins, your dentist will recommend self-care tips to ease your recovery. While only performed when conventional root canal retreatment is not practical, apicoectomy for failing root canal-treated teeth can save them, returning the tooth, bone and gum tissues to health for many years.

Apicoectomy Procedure – Apicoectomy Recovery | DENTIST

Here are a few ways to take care of your teeth procedur a root canal:. Suite Chicago, IL Phone: Even though an apicoectomy is considered surgery, many people say that recovering from an apicoectomy is easier than recovering from the original root-canal treatment. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dentists who have an apicoetcomy four to six years of training in surgery. After injecting a local anesthetic, we will begin this procedure by making incisions in your gum tissues that expose the tooth roots in the jaw.

This procedure typically uses an anesthetic that contains twice the epinephrine of regular anesthetics. To complete the apicoectomy, the endodontist will clean and seal the end of the tooth's canal. The tips of each root, called the apex, apcioectomy as an procedurs for nerves and blood vessels into the tooth.

Pain and discomfort at the site of an old root canal may mean you need endodontic retreatment. Dear Doctor, its employees and its Editorial Advisory Board do not endorse any of the procedures or technologies presented on this site. A temporary or permanent filling material will then be placed to cover the access hole. This chamber apicoectojy inside the crown the part of the tooth you can see in your mouth.

A small filling is placed at the end of the root canal to seal the canal and prevent further infection.


An apicoectomy is not the same as a root resection. Tell your dentist about any numbness you experience. Depending on other existing medical conditions, your dentist may consult with your physician before the procedure.

He or she will use a dye that highlights cracks and fractures in the tooth.

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