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Failed Area Deflection Floor 4: Big gates and partition wall systems Big gates Partition wall systems. Big gates and partition wall systems Brochures.

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Trade details Contact Careers Site map Trade details. We can not discuss the details of the projects, but in general we found the following: We can not discuss the details of the projects, but in general we found the following:. Failed Vertical Deformation Floor 2: Crane track doors Big gates Partition wall systems Service Maintenance. Big gates and partition wall systems Big gates Partition wall systems. 1803

Not a single floor met all of the requirements of the version of DIN For the purpose of checking, servicing and repairing the dividing curtain, its mechanical and electrical components, including the motor and attachment areas, must be easy and safe to reach via permanently installed or mobile work platform or catwalk, and must be fitted with a stationary electric light.

This is a short post about our experience of field testing eight newly installed floors. All of these standards share common testing methods for these four properties: Traditionally the only verification submitted has been a dib report issued by the manufacturer.

Permanently installed work platforms and catwalks should have a clearance of at least 1. Failed Area Deflection Floor 5: Stages and Platforms Stage platforms Hall floor adjustment mechanisms Motorised platforms Complete stages Stepped structures Accessories Maintenance and repair Mobile floors Object equipment Merchandise presentation Stage technology.

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More details Advice Rin projects Request information materials. Crane track doors and Sliding doors. Failed Area Deflection Floor 3: Failed Vertical Deformation Floor 6: They fail to realize that the suitability report does not guarantee the performance of their installation.

Sound insulation of the built-in operational dividing curtain must have a weighted dib reduction value of at least 18 dB between the individual spaces including any bypasses. Any additional openings in the hall ceilings must be at least 0. They understood that the only way to know their floor performed to the specified levels was to have the floor tested.

This requirement can be demonstrated by way of a type examination test as per Xin Excerpt from DIN for sports and multipurpose halls.

Failed Area Deflection Floor 4: Architects and owners typically tell us that by including the performance levels in their specification they feel they are requiring that their installation met those performance levels. Dividing curtains Tender wordings DIN excerpts.

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If there is a load rod, the distance between this rod and the floor with the dividing curtains lowered may not exceed 0. The simultaneous movement of the folded panels when extending and retracting the dividing curtain must be even.


With the dividing curtain lowered, a distance of 0. Requirements with regard to walls as per E DIN must be fulfilled, too.


Stage technology Tubular shaft hoists Event technology Track systems Fabrics and curtains Revolving platforms. There are a variety of performance standards for sports surfaces.

Big gates and partition wall systems Brochures. Dividing curtains must contribute to improved sound absorption of all hall components. Suitability tests are conducted under ideal installation and environmental conditions, and are typically performed by a 3rd party product testing company. Big gates and partition wall systems.

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