Legend of dragoon strategy guide

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Now, remember the four Dragoons we mentioned earlier? Sign up for free! But I guess thats better than nothing. Log In Sign Up.

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More topics from this board Gravitycrasher Gravitycrasher 6 years ago 6 That freaking guide. I remember playing by it.

Legend of Dragoon - Prima Official Guide Scan

It just has a small panel under the stardust locations giving you the location and name of the side quests. Not sure if a site has scans of it or not but theres really not many and they aren't that great looking. Respective Dragoon Stones The guide is not perfect, no It's off just text with game screens.

Probably the only cool thing about this guide. The "Official" Strategy Guide.

The Legend of Dragoon FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation - GameFAQs

Funny though, this "official" strategy guide leaves out the g you get from the prairie after Lavitz gets shot in the leg. You can't get it while you're running away, so you'll have to get it after the dumb wardens are out of sight. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

As you're going towards the left exit, Shirley will appear.

The Legend of Dragoon Wiki Guide

Also, what gold are you talking about after he gets shot with the arrow? But I guess thats better than nothing.

If you remember the 1st area of the Prairies, which is the drxgoon where the 3 were escaping stratwgy Lavitz got his foot grazed by an arrow that disappeared out of sight after, in that area, you go bottom right of that huge rock and you'll find a secret tunnel.

Whats also funny is for the final battle it basically says the best possible team is Albert and Kongol. Does the Prima guide have any interesting art that you don't see in many or any websites?

It doesn't even have a section for strtegy quests. Exit to the bottom left. On page 78, Syuveil, Damia, Belzac and Kanzas are listed with the enemies in Vellweb, along with the approximate hp attributed to each Dragoon. Forgot your username or password?

It also shows no information on the Dragoons in Vellweb. Sign up for free! But the guide is a complete joke as far as covering content in the game. Please visit my FAQ and forum at http: She cannot leave until the souls of the four Rragoon that died in the Campaign are set free. Just thought I'd share.

Log In Sign Up. And on page 18, from the Optional Quests section, which is included on the same page as Goodsas Stardust takes up all of the following page. Don't have an account? Now IS the time to free them and collect the four DS stones.

Anyone else have one of these? It shows Dart, Shana and Rose on a rooftop in what I believe is the first place you get to on disc 3 Town leegend boat travel and Kamuy shinanegans with the moon that never sets in the background. It's got some nice art in it, but other than that its pretty cheap and has little to do with conquering the full game.

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