Mennesket og magterne

By | 11.08.2018

So lets leave our 3 Gods fooling around with the earth Goddess on the beach and make a giant leap into time. In the prose Edda, we find Odin and his 2 brothers Villi and Ve. Death should be seen as a portal. Lovers that died together on the run for their families ,.

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Thus the warrior cast saw its double role ensured in afterlife. It is a symbolic description of the creation of man as the symbiosis of several elements, a symbiosis made possible due to the intervention of the Gods. They must believe that their deaths on the field of glory arent useless. Serfdom was far less institutionalized then it was in the south, e. A lot more can be said on this subject, but let us for the moment be content to state that the myths on the dwarfs, the myths regarding changelings, etc might in effect reflect memories to a time of difficult co-existence between modern man and the last remnants of Neanderthal man.

We are not be as freely as modern liberal dogma presents it to us. An -clearly oversimplified- example can illustrate this.

The interesting part is that this spark of creativity is given to mankind on a later moment, long after the initial act of creation, and t is done by accident.

This is simply due to the fact that the numbers of plumbers have diminished enormously, whilst the number of highly educated people has exponentially increased. Neergaard, —, Ellen Alvilde g. O thers have been found decapitated, their head being rediscovered much later and several meters away from the place where the body was found e.

Stig Hjarvard: Det selskabelige samfund. Essays om medier mellem mennesker

But it seems all men could vote for the candidate of their choice. It indicates that what a man did in life determines how he would be seen by his succesors and the rest of the community after death.

And again, we must always remember that mythology only records those elements that were conceived as menneskt to the people of the time. Egeland, af Hans Bendix Kgl. Pious thoughs seldomly were the main motivation of the conversion, just ask Harald Bluetooth.

In our present day society taboos are much less common and are far less a hindrance to the development or self expression of both woman and man Both can evolve into the person they desire to be or see themselves fit to be. The boy got mad and asked the old man what the hell was so funny. It is my conviction that the allfather in this case is to be considered as another more supreme creator.

We can imagine the Gods having a grand team meeting or project steering wherein the decide upon some basic rules, that would define how living creatures would evolve in the future. This world tree can be seen as the very fabric of the space-time-continuum that connects everything within the multiverse.

Thus we must conclude that the input of the earth mother may have been much mfnnesket important then one might think from the simple lecture of the myth of creation. Every soldier knew his place and was expected not to think for himself but simply to obey.

Very recent research seems to suggest — contrary to the ruling opinions up til now, that at least some of neanderthals weapons were superior to those of modern men. Were all men equal? There may have been quite important regional differences due to the proximity and influences of neighbouring societies, giving rise to yet stronger regional differences.


But Greek myth also describes these amazons as Scythians, this means enemies of Greek society, barbarians. It suffices to say that Odin got a hold of the pot of mead and in the form of an eagle flew with it in his pawn back to Asgard. Man kunne kalde det at lykkes i livet. Rigstala must be seen in that context, and actually is a prelude to the forced introduction of Christianity, which proved for Scandinavian nobility to be a much stronger justification of their power then the old religion.

Succesfull kings were said to have a lucky Norn, protecting them. We can only assume that some kind of afterlife still exists after life. Note that only rarely a conqueror will totally obliterate the subdued peoples since there subjugation both is a re-compensation for his faithful followers and offers an pg advantage as a workforce without any rights.

Hefjendurs profil - hefjendur

We should consider it to be another basic interpreatation of antagonistic powers, needed to create new things. The Frankish empire also makes the switch quite early, as do matterne English kingdoms.

Snorri seems to suggest there are 9 heavens above asgard.

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