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Electronics requires knowledge, puzzle solving, and creativity constrained by bounds of physics and practical materials and supplies and value vs cost, to name a few. The LDR is the input to the circuit. But in general, they should have at least 10 times the resistance in the dark or an even larger factor than in the light.

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To bias a transistor we have to supply current to base pin, this current IB s050 be limited to 5mA. Still at trying to understand what you have written.

Here's a picture of the result:. If I completely cover it, it goes high enough that my cheaper Tektronix multimeter lists it as an open circuit. Mikeb the voltage is 12V, so this should be fine because both transistor support higher voltage. If so, then you might try the following circuit: It places that resistor and LED into the emitter leg. It likely that some values may work here, but it is very difficult to design values that are sure to work. S Transistor S Transistor Pinout.

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In fact, there will be almost no room at all, quite quickly. So this is an improvement, but it's not really designable: Your output section takes a different approach as represented on the right. Sign up or log x8050 Sign up using Google.

But those are two simple approaches to doing something with your input transducer that will make changes in your circuit.

It's easy to analyze a circuit, once you have it.

Top menu About Us Contact. I need to explain to myself why the circuit does not work if the photoresistor or the load or the extra base resistor are not in their exact positions.

But there's a serious problem having to do with the LDR and those "circuit functions" in between your sensor and your LED.

The above circuit starts out by splitting the current limiting resistor and the LED. Transistor as as switch - replace BC with S Ss8050 even a wider range would be better. So at some point it is, indeed OFF.

S Transistor Pinout, Features, Equivalent, Circuit & Datasheet

As mentioned in the features the S transistor is commonly used in push pull configuration with Class B amplifier. The company deserves some support, too.

It is very simple to construct and requires two identical complimentary transistors operate.

I'm sure I have a BC here, the biggest problem is were is it located. Which s80500 probably much less than in the left side circuit, though this varies with the specific BJT in use. Let's do a quick check with the above circuit. But it gives us no room to play with the setting. I could attempt to set up some lighting situation and work out the lux using distance from a uniform radiator.

transistors - S D base resistor calculation - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Two different approaches with different requirements for driving them. Typically, the resistance will be in the small numbers of kilo-ohms when lit up directly with a bright source. Doing this gave me a place where I could use the S80050 to source current into that resistor and force its voltage drop to increase. Let's go through your circuit in pieces.

The nice thing about this is that the variable resistor is of just the right range of values to go together with the LDR resistance region where we want to turn things ON and OFF. It's just not designable.

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