Articulacion de la cadera

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The ischiofemoral ligament has the same restraint action for other reason that it is passing horizontal axis, and parallel to coronal axis. The pubofemoral ligament, parallel to horizontal axis, is related to both sagittal axis restriction of hyperextension and coronal axis restriction of abduction Fig. If a ligament either passes an axis or is parallel to an axis, the ligament has no action about the axis. Casilla D Temuco - Chile Tel.: At the posterior neck of femur, the ischiofemoral ligament included the orbicular zone, thickened articular capsule, since two structures were not well distinguishable during delineation Fig.

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After identification and demarcation, human body components are surface reconstructed to assemble three-dimensional 3D models with potential applicability in many areas Park et al. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient.

Articulación de la cadera by valentina velez on Prezi

Three-dimensional imaging of the larynx for pre-operative planning of laryngeal framework surgery. On the Mimics, the surface models of bones and ligaments were saved as stereolithography STL. After stacking the outlines, surface reconstruction of all structures was achieved at the same time. Delete comment or cancel.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: Simultaneously, the sectional planes of surface models can be covered by the outlined images, color-filled images or sectioned images.

In the present study, the surface models of the hip joint ligaments and neighboring components can be displayed, rotated, sectioned, and even modified.

As a ball and socket joint, hip joint has three axes, all of which pass the center of head of femur: The three ligaments could be schematically represented to elucidate their restriction on the hip joint movement Fig.

After shoulder dissection, researchers inserted metal pins to mark the centroid of the attachment area of each ligament. The concurrently built surface models were divided into a number of lla of independent constituents and saved as Mimics MCS files that retained the structures' own locational information Lee et articulaciin.

See more popular or the latest prezis. Delete comment or cancel. Add a personal note: Since the ligament is a dense regular connective tissue, its appearance was variable in accordance with the sectional direction transverse or longitudinalwhich was helpful in discrimination of the borders between neighboring ligaments Fig.

The cartilage looked white which is the natural color in the human body. The 70 degrees of hyperextension was suitably decided to depict the ligaments' morphologic alteration Fig. Do you really want to delete this prezi? However, the ligaments' stereoscopic configuration cannot be readily recognized in the anatomy atlases. To overcome the limitation, a cadaver study was performed: Using a "smooth bind" function of the Maya, the femur was hyperextended to show the elongation of the ligaments.

Reemplazo de Cadera

Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Surface models of the hip joint muscles and their innervating nerves. The graphic contents hopefully contribute to the development of virtual reality for the medical vadera learning and the orthopedic surgeons' clinical trial. We built the 3D surface models showing the real feature of the hip joint ligaments, based on the sectioned images of cadaver Figs.

Ultrasonido de cadera

After segmentation was completed, the outlines were filled with specific colors for the individual structures; the color-filled images were saved as bit map BMP files Fig. Concerning the 3D models, Mimics is cadfra advantageous software package in three aspects.

Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Sectioned and color-filled images.

To aid in understanding, three-dimensional models were built from the sectioned images of cadaver hip, which demonstrate fine components better than CTs and MRIs. The sectioned images revealed fine details that were not identifiable in the clinical images, via CTs or MRIs.

Impulso para realizar elementos basicos de la gimnasia, como son: Second, the Mimics is capable of production and management of both surface and volume models. Do you really want to delete this prezi?

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