No disrespect by sister souljah

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Publicist or Marketing Professional. She is a strong independent African American young adult that can't help cater and speak on the needs of the African American community. No Disrespect Sister Souljah No preview available - You would not want it done to you once you get married. I admire her truth and having no discretion with her experiences.

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Both before and after her book was published, she was planting seeds of wisdom by giving lectures and speeches and hosting discussions about issues important to Black youth, explaining why we have to want to change this world and gain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom not just for ourselves or our immediate friends and families, but for the future of Black people across the Diaspora.

I would like to first diarespect that this book was an interesting read as far as mixing racism and politics with drama. I was already familiar with her so I am not surprised with the content of the book. This book cannot really be used in school as a lesson, but as a young woman it can be used as disres;ect mentor book in an outside setting. I should hv read this book years ago.

Sister Souljah lets us into very private and defining moments of her life and I appreciated her honesty. Jun 02, Nicholette rated it it was ok. In a time of terrible crisis in America, this revelatory book is an essential part of the dialogue that must take place between men and women of all persuasions.

Aug 22, Gyasi rated it it was ok.

No Disrespect

Quotes from No Disrespect. No Disrespect by Sister Souljah. This book consumes you from the very beginning.

You would not want it done to you once you get married. Every black woman should be required disrespecct read this before her 18th birthday. Sadly I fought her philosophy very judgmental, and limiting.

After an emotional and hopeful beginning, most of this book seems to be about how beautiful she feels she is and how disillusioned she's been by black males.

No Disrespect by Sister Souljah |

I really did not enjoy this book at all!! This book had alot going on but even though parts made me mad I felt that I learned alot too. By the end of the book it seems that she souljau all hope and did as the other girls did, take up a taken man. View all 4 comments.

Along the way, we learn about the underlying tensions within the black family the entanglements of friends, and the entrapments of lovers. If you are going to read her books I've read 3 of them it's just because someone mentioned it to you as a somewhat entertaining read. My butt sat sokljah in the air and my hips obviously gave birth to Creation.

About Sister Souljah Sister Souljah is a political activist and an educator of underclass youth. Oct 09, Stephanie Conine rated it really liked it.

Are there degrees of abomination? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jan 05, Sylva rated it liked it. This book was very insightful.

Divided into seven chapters, each titled after a particular character with whom the author comes into contact - for example, "Nathan, " "Mona, " "Joseph" - No Disrespect is a brutally honest account of the rage and hopes of girls in the ghetto.

Rapper, activist, and hip-hop rebel, Sister Souljah possesses the most passionate and articulate voice to emerge from the projects.

We get hurt so much that we just decide to find one brother that we won't mind getting our heart broken for. She is a strong independent African American young adult that can't help cater and speak on the needs of the African American community.

I found it incredibly interesting and also a unique look into some of the possible reasons for homophobia in the African American community, and while I would have to strongly disagree, I appreciated this unique look into the thoughts and feelings of Miss Souljah none the less.

It must be hard being right all the time, but controversial rapper and black activist Sister Souljah doesn't mind, judging from her remarkably smug, occasionally uplifting memoir.

Of course there is much more to Sister Soul Finally!

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